Manitoba Makes Changes to Risk Assessment Factors for Expression of Interest Immigration System

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The province of Manitoba will no longer penalize skilled worker immigration candidates who have a close relative in another province and no close relative in Manitoba.

In addition, candidates who have previously made an application to immigrate to a province other than Manitoba will no longer be penalized.

Under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) Skilled Worker stream, certain risk assessment factors result in some candidates being deducted points. Until now, the aforementioned factors resulted in candidates being deducted 100 points for each risk assessment factor (candidates may obtain up to 1,000 points overall).

Of the original four risk assessment factors, two remain. These are:

  • Work experience in another province; and
  • Studies in another province.

As a result of these changes, it is only those candidates who have actually worked or studied in another province who may be deducted points. Individuals who have merely expressed an interest in living in another Canadian province, as well as individuals who happen to have a close relative in another Canadian province, will no longer be penalized. It should be noted that such candidates may have never set foot in Canada themselves.

MPNP for Skilled Workers

The MPNP for skilled workers operates on an Expression of Interest (EOI) / Invitation to Apply basis (for the purposes of the MPNP, these invitations are known as Letters of Advice to Apply, or LAA). Eligible candidates may make an EOI through one of two categories: Skilled Workers in Manitoba, or Skilled Workers Overseas.

Candidates who receive a LAA during one the periodic MPNP draws who submit an application for a nomination certificate. With such a certificate, the candidate may then submit an application for Canadian permanent residence to the federal government.

MPNP Skilled Workers in Manitoba

Under this sub-category of the MPNP, applications are accepted from qualified foreign workers and international student graduates who are currently working in Manitoba and have been offered a permanent job by their employer in Manitoba. Skilled Workers in Manitoba are not subject to a points-based assessment to determine their eligibility.

MPNP Skilled Workers Overseas

This MPNP sub-category is for qualified skilled workers who may be outside Canada but who can demonstrate a strong connection to the province and its labour market. A points-based system is used to assess candidates according to factors such as age, language proficiency, work experience, education and adaptability.


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