Review of Applications

Review of Applications

Proofreading of applications, review of forms and supporting documents, correction of errors in self-prepared applications.

It is a personal choice whether to obtain legal representation, consult with a lawyer or hire an authorized consultant, but there are some general factors to consider: capacity to fill out the numerous government forms and prepare documentation, complexity of a case, availability of time and resources.

In our practice we meet with clients who are comfortable dealing with official documentation, adept in completing forms, detail-oriented individuals with certain legal research skills, who are capable to prepare the immigration application on their own but, for extra security, wish to have a trained professional check everything over before the application is sent to ensure that the process was followed correctly.

As an alternative to full immigration representation (including: evaluation of options, assistance with preparation of documents, completion of forms, filing the application, monitoring the status, responding to officer’s requests, communication with a processing office, submission of additional documents, interview preparation), Immigration Counsels of Canada (ICC) offer proofreading services and detailed review of application packages. Such services include:

  • ensuring that the right and up-to date immigration forms are used and eliminating the possibility for the application to be returned to the applicant
  • review forms and supporting documents
  • providing suggestions what supporting documents should be submitted with the application
  • checking the application for errors and omissions that might lead to the application being delayed or refused
  • giving advice on necessary corrections to strengthen the application

Clients with the application currently in process may benefit from the following services:

  • obtaining complete notes of the processing officer to find out the status of the application or the reason for the processing delay
  • correction of information on file
  • updating the application to reflect changes in personal circumstances
  • adding a family member
  • responding to officer’s requests
  • interview preparation

If you are contemplating a new or you have an existing application you need assistance with, contact us to maximize your chances for success. Our flat hourly fee to review self-prepared application is $200 (length of such consultation depends on completeness of a client’s file. For most of the cases, one hour consultation is sufficient).


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