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The Immigration process can be very stressful and confusing and you want to make sure you do everything correctly. With the help if Immigration counsels and our Consultant, this process was way easier then if we had tried on our own. We are very grateful that we used their services for this very important process. I fully recommend seeking their help.


Before meeting Mila, I was looking to meet consultants in Surrey and Vancouver. I decided to meet Mila after reading her reviews on google and I DON'T regret to choose her. Our 1 hour consultation was great and Mila answered all the questions that I had in my mind. I consulted her for visitor visa, LMIA/PR process and study permit extension. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to her if I have any other concerns. It is really nice to have such an excellent immigration consultant in Abbotsford (imagine driving all the way to Surrey or Vancouver for one hour consultation). To some up my experience I would say Mila is very helpful, professional and will provide you correct information, not like other consultants who just want your money and provide you false information. Thanks Mila


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