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Sometimes the immigration process can seem intimidating and worrisome, but when I met with Mila Aberten she made the process seem simple. Mila gave great advise and has made a lasting impression in my husband's and my life. After full submission of spousal sponsorship it took only 2 months and my husband received his permanent resident card. We are grateful that we can live together here in Canada. It's been 3 years now that we are happily in Canada working together. We highly recommend Mila and enjoyed working with her throughout the spousal process.


I hired Immigration Counsels of Canada (ICC) in Abbotsford to help us with my family sponsored Canadian immigration application after finding ICC online...ICC's charge for the service was very reasonable and included the immigration application fees. ICC took care of completing the appropriate application forms using the information that my wife and I provided. We visited the ICC office in Abbotsford on a couple of occasions but most of our communication was done through email as I was out of the country at the time and ICC replied to our questions usually within 1 day, even on the weekend! After providing the required information (that is very involved) all we had to do was check and sign the application forms. I received my immigration landing papers with 1 year of the initial consultation. I thoroughly recommend ICC for their professionalism and excellent service.


I received a very informative and encouraging consultation with ICC. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing professional help with their immigration process! Mila was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and made sure I received the answers I needed during our meeting. Our meeting eased much of the worry and anxiety I was feeling over the task of Spousal Sponsorship.


Having a retainer agreement with Mila made my immigration process less stressful on multiple occasions. I immigrated from the US to join my wife in Canada via the spousal sponsorship program. While you could carry out the process on your own, Mila’s process (a written guide plus email consult) walks you through everything you should include to ensure your submission is stronger than what you may have conjured on your own; as an example, there are often cases where you can include entire pages of content beyond what fits on the Canada immigration forms by labeling an addendum in an attached document and referencing the addendum within the small field on the official form. Go figure. You still need to be responsible for your own document consistency, but Mila smoothes out any wrinkles in how your documents are entered into the official forms. Mila also helped us during our mortgage approval process by providing a letter with her formal letterhead so we could show the bank I was in the process of seeking permanent residence even though I did not yet have a case number with Canada. Everything worked out okay in the end: I now have permanent residence in Canada and the bank considered my income when they approved our mortgage. Thanks, Mila.


Mila is great very professional and very easy to understand what she's tell you. Did 2 sessions with her till now and each time I learn something new and how to better make our application. Very great consultant and prices are high BUT you get what you pay for I personally have no issue to pay for QUALITY and reassurance that my paperwork is done correctly!


I highly recommend Immigration Counsels of Canada (ICC) to anyone looking for a reliable immigration support service. No detail goes missing and no question stays unanswered. Mila has been very professional, highly knowledgeable and attentive to our immigration needs. Thank you for your help!


I had an appointment with my significant other with questions in regard to immigration options and procedures. They fit me in quickly on a Saturday and were very knowledgeable. They were able to assess our situation and recommend a plan of action that would fit our lifestyle the best. They were also able to answer all of our questions.


We had a very friendly and constructive meeting with the ICC when determining how best to approach the immigration process for my now husband. A lot of weight was lifted off our shoulders during our meeting, and all our questions were answered! Would definitely recommend to others!


We have contacted Immigration Counsels Canada at the end of February 2014 in regards to my PR application through a family member sponsorship by my Canadian husband. My husband found their phone number on-line and we've made a 20-minute initial appointment to get a feel of their service and to decide if we really needed to hire a professional or if we could go through the application by ourselves. This is my second immigration, and I thought I could really fill out the paperwork by myself with my husband's assistance as I did previously in France where I've spent 10 years and where I went through the whole immigration process. But after our appointment with ICC and after doing some research on the CIC web site, we've come to realize that we needed a professional assistance especially because our lives were already busy enough - both my husband and I were working 2 jobs at the time and we were expecting a little one. The immigration counsel had provided us with a very professional service and was very helpful in regards to the timelines, she gave us advises on how to better present our file and where to gather as much proof of our relationship as we could. I could not imagine that the CIC needed so many details. It took us 4 months to gather all the documents and then the CIC agents were very fast and instead of 16 months announced on their web-site, they've delivered me the PR card 6 months after! I strongly believe that it had a lot to do with how professional and complete our file was thanks to the Immigration Counsels. They also helped us with the invitation letters for my parents to visit us in Canada as well as with further immigration process possible for us. We are very happy with their service and we are already recommending their services to the acquaintances that have been asking us for assistance in regards to the Canadian immigration process.

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