Canadian Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship may be obtained by three ways:                               Citizenship Certificate FINAL

  • Birth in Canada
  • Birth to Canadian citizen abroad
  • Naturalization (grant of citizenship)

Immigrants obtain citizenship by application (process known as naturalization). In order to become a Canadian citizen, a person needs to meet certain conditions in the following areas:

  • Age
  • Permanent resident status
  • Time spent in Canada
  • Knowledge of language
  • Criminal history (prohibitions)
  • Knowledge of Canada

Contact us for assistance with the following:

  • Assessment of citizenship status (whether you or your children are entitled to citizenship by descent)
  • Information about new Citizenship law and limitation to citizenship by descent
  • Citizenship law and adoptions
  • Prohibitions under the Citizenship Act
  • Citizenship application process
  • Loss of Citizenship
  • Renunciation of Canadian citizenship


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