Canadian Experience Class

Due to the projected labour shortages, Canadian government has designed a special immigration program to retain skilled workers who have Canadian experience and skills Canada needs over the long term. This program is of particular interest to Temporary Foreign Workers and International Students with work experience in Canada.

Eligible applicants are those who gained one year of full-time or full-time equivalent Canadian experience in managerial, technical, professional or trade fields in the last 3 years with proper authorization. In addition, applicants have to prove good language proficiency on the basis of the official language test results issued by the designated agency.

Note: Qualified applicants can no longer submit their permanent residency application directly to this program. Instead, applicants have to go through the Express Entry (EE) system by creating a profile and entering the pool of prospective immigrants. Visit our webpage “Express Entry” or contact us directly for information on the application process under the CEC.


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