Provincial Nominee Program

In Canada, provinces have the ability to choose and nominate applicants for immigration according to the provincial economic and labour market needs. Each province sets it’s own immigration selection criteria. Most of provincial programs mirror federal immigration classes, such as skilled workers and international graduates, family and business class, although providing more flexible and faster alternative to immigrate.

Provincial government deals with assessment of applicant’s qualifications, while federal government makes assessment regarding medical, criminal, security admissibility to Canada after the applicant is being nominated by the province.

Please note that notwithstanding the fact that our corporate office is based in the province of British Columbia, our immigration consultants are authorized to represent clients in all provincial nominee programs, with the exception of Quebec. We keep close contact with provincial offices and have up to date information on immigration programs, presently offered by Canadian provinces.

Contact us and our counsels will advise you of the provincial program that suits you best for immigration to Canada.


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