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Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW)

Canada is filling labour shortages in certain industries by authorizing foreign workers to work in the country on a temporary basis. A work permit is a document that authorizes a foreign national to work for a specific period of time in a certain location in Canada and for a particular employer. Depending on a person’s status and nationality, there are three places to apply for a work permit:


  • Overseas Processing Missions (visa offices)
  • Port of Entry
  • Inland Processing Office

To be eligible to apply for a work permit, a worker needs:


  1. Experience in the occupation presently in demand and ability to perform the job duties;
  2. Have a Canadian employer who will provide a Job Offer and obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)- a document issued by the Canadian government agency (HRSDC/Service Canada) allowing an employer to hire the foreign worker;
  3. Be in good health and have no criminal background;
  4. Satisfy a visa officer that he/she will leave Canada upon the expiry of a work permit.

Depending on the nature of the job and other considerations, a foreign national may be allowed into the country under the following terms:


  • Both LMIA and work permit are required (applies to most workers)
  • Neither LMIA nor work permit is required (e.g., Business Visitor)
  • Work permit is required but LMIA exempt (e.g., intra-company transferees, professionals, traders and investors under international agreements)
  • Open work permit (e.g., spouses of workers and students, Working Holiday Program)

Whether you would like to become a Temporary Foreign Worker in Canada or you are already employed by a Canadian employer, contact us for assistance with:


  • Application for a Labour Market Impact Assessment. Our counsels will closely work with your prospective employer in Canada in the process of obtaining the LMIA
  • Obtaining an initial work permit
  • Extension of your stay in Canada as a worker
  • Change of terms and conditions on your work permit
  • Restoration of status upon expiry of your work permit or refusal of extension application
  • Application for a Bridging Work Permit (BOWP)
  • Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)
  • Application for permanent residence under one of the following categories: Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Program
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