Consultations and Assistance

Consultations and Assistance

Professional assessment, review of eligibility and immigration advice.

1. Consultation

Initial consultation in person, by e-mail or phone, during which we assess your background, qualifications, personal circumstances and evaluate your options or respond to your specific immigration-related query. This is the general consultation which lasts up to one hour. We do not do any point calculation during the initial consultation. For an initial consultation, a flat hourly fee of $150 CAD applies (fee varies for review of a self-prepared profile or application). The initial consultation fee will be credited towards the retainer fee for your immigration case if retained for full services. For any subsequent consultation (not including a file review consultation), a flat hourly fee of $200 CAD applies if not retained for a case. Our flat hourly fee to review a self-prepared application or profile is $300 CAD (length of such consultation depends on the completeness of a client’s file. For most cases, a one-hour consultation is sufficient).

2. Retaining

If you decide to retain us as your authorized representatives, a retainer agreement will be signed between you and the Immigration Counsels of Canada (ICC), which specifies the scope of services, payment plan, duties and responsibilities of both parties. Flat retainer fee submitted by installments applies (fee varies according to the complexity of each individual case. Retainer fee is estimated during initial consultation).

3. Case Preparation

This stage includes: filling out immigration forms, providing you with a complete list of documents required for your application, medical and police clearance instructions.

4. Submissions

Once the application package is checked for completeness, our counsel will prepare a submission letter to Immigration authorities, presenting your case with reference to the applicable immigration/citizenship law sections and, in certain cases, on the basis of the relevant immigration case law.

5. Filing

The application package is submitted by the Immigration Counsels of Canada (ICC) to the processing immigration office on your behalf.

6. Follow-Up

After submission, we communicate with a visa office regarding the status of your application, responding to the officer’s requests for additional information, documentation and, if required, obtain copies of the immigration officer’s notes in order to get a clear picture of the processing of your file. We keep you informed at all times during the process.

7. Interview Preparation

Should the interview with the immigration officer be required, we thoroughly prepare you for the interview by going through the possible questions and making you confident during this personal coaching.

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