Minister Kenney issues statement congratulating Canadian Copts on the establishment of the first Coptic Orthodox diocese in Canada and the appointment of Bishop Mina

“I wish to congratulate the Canadian Coptic community and His Grace Bishop Mina on his appointment as the first Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Canada for the new diocese of Mississauga and Vancouver.

“The establishment of this new ecclesiastical jurisdiction will contribute to the growth and integrity of the Coptic Orthodox community in Canada.

“Just this past November, Pope Shenouda III, whom I had previously had the great honour of meeting, was succeeded as Coptic Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria by Pope Tawadros (Theodoros) II. When I had the honour of meeting with Pope Tawadros at his enthronement ceremony, I spoke to him about Canada’s growing Coptic community and the need for a Bishop and eparchy in Canada.

“His Grace Bishop Mina first became a Monk at St. Mina’s Monastery in 1984, serving the Coptic Orthodox Church in Ireland from 2003 until 2009, when he was ordained General Bishop. He was assigned to the Diocese of Old Cairo in 2010.

“The establishment of the new diocese of Mississauga and Vancouver is a sign of the strength and determination of the Coptic faithful in Canada. This comes at a time when Christians in Egypt are increasingly targeted by extremist violence. Canada is a strong, peaceful, pluralistic nation that will not tolerate such crimes. Our new Office of Religious Freedom will help promote these values abroad and stand up for persecuted minorities as part of Canada’s foreign policy.

“I am delighted to offer my congratulations to Bishop Mina and members of Canada’s Coptic Orthodox community on this historic occasion.”

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