Minister Kenney issues statement following the Mass celebrating the inauguration of Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope Francis

“I was honoured to accompany Governor General Johnston in attending today’s installation of Pope Francis. Some 14 million Canadians identify themselves as Catholic, members of a community that has made an indelible contribution to Canada. The hundreds of Catholic schools, hospitals, and charities across Canada give practical expression to Pope Francis’s call for us to ‘protect’ and care for our fellow men and women.

“As Minister responsible for Multiculturalism, it was particularly meaningful for me to see the amazing diversity of the global Catholic community in Rome today, a diversity that is reflected in Canada’s Catholic Church, and indeed in Canadian society.

“Canada was well represented by our wonderful Governor General and an all-party Parliamentary delegation at today’s installation, which attracted much of the world’s leadership. Indeed, I had the opportunity to meet the presidents of Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Chile, and Argentina.

“We wish Pope Francis strength and success in his new ministry as Bishop of Rome, and as one of the world’s most influential spiritual and moral leaders.”

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