Minister Kenney issues statement recognizing Holi

For Canadians used to long winter months, the coming of the spring thaw is a cause for celebration. There are few spring celebrations more joyful than the centuries-old Hindu festival of Holi, which begins today.

Although the Festival of Colours has its origins in India, it has become a beloved tradition in this country. In communities across Canada, Hindus will gather with family and friends to celebrate Holi and participate in its many lively rituals.

Those rituals include dancing and singing, festive meals, and the lighting of bonfires to remember the ancient story of Prahalad and Holika. In Holi’s most notable tradition, celebrants smear each other with paint and toss gulal – colourful powder – into the air.

The Festival of Colours is also a great celebration of peace and friendship. In our diverse country, where many non-Hindus enjoy participating in the festivities, Holi brings together people of different backgrounds and faiths.

As Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, I wish a Happy Holi to everyone celebrating this wonderful festival.

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