Minister Kenney issues statement to celebrate Christmas

“Tomorrow, Canadians will celebrate Christmas, one of the most important Christian holidays of the year.

“Following the spiritual preparation and reflection of Advent, and nine months after the Incarnation, this holiday commemorates the long-awaited birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, the city of David.

“Every year, Christmas unites families, friends, communities and cultures in hope and prayer for peace on earth, and in celebration of the birth of a child whom the prophet Isaiah called the ‘Prince of Peace.’

“Canadians of many backgrounds will celebrate Christmas with religious services, family gatherings, music and singing, gifts and alms-giving, and many other diverse customs.

“As Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism, I extend my warm wishes to you and your family for a merry and blessed Christmas, and for a happy and prosperous New Year.”

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